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Design of Smart Home System Based on Voice Control and Bluetooth Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.051


Huang Peng

Corresponding Author

Huang Peng


With the development of electronic information technology, home environment is becoming more and more intelligent. Smart home system based on voice control and Bluetooth communication can control illumination, color and curtain rise and fall of color lights in intelligent home through voice dialogue or mobile phone APP. Smart night lights are added, which provides convenience for people's life. The system adopts the form of slave computer and host computer, and achieves wireless communication between slave computer and host computer through C2540F256 Bluetooth chip. The slave computer uses STM32F103 chip as microprocessor and LD3320 chip as voice dialogue function or Bluetooth APP of mobile phone to send instructions. The host computer uses STC89C52 as microprocessor to realize intelligent control of lights and curtains.


Smart Home, Microcontroller, Voice Control, Bluetooth, Stepper Motor