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Analysis on the Principle and Application of Super-surface Phase Regulation

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.041


Xingjian Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xingjian Zhang


Superstructured surfaces are often referred to as supersurface or two-position superstructure materials. They are a functional layer device based on subwavelengths. In the super-surface, a relatively abnormal phase mutation can be generated in its planar structure, which provides a more effective means for holographic display of some large fields of view. Compared with traditional optical devices, the super-surface has many advantages that are not available in common optical devices, such as the arbitrary regulation of sub-wavelength polarization, etc., and also has the characteristics of low loss and easy integration, so that in the real life, the super surface is subjected to a general emphasis. This paper analyzes the application of super-surface by expounding the principle of super-surface phase regulation, hoping to contribute its own strength to China's super-surface business.


Supersurface, Phase Regulation, Regulation Principle, Application