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Research on Optimization Technology of Automated Warehousing System

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.028


Lingwei Wang

Corresponding Author

Lingwei Wang


By applying automation technology to the logistics field, logistics efficiency can be greatly improved. At the same time, the logistics distribution system relies on the introduction of automation technology to achieve automated warehousing. Specifically, the logistics automated warehousing system covers the three-dimensional library, transmission system, picking system, etc., and thus realizes the functional upgrade of the traditional logistics warehousing system, and thus realizes the effective control of labor costs for the logistics company. To this end, this paper will start with the introduction of domestic automated warehousing development at this stage, expound the advantages of logistics automated warehousing, and conduct research on the overall development of China's logistics automated warehousing for reference.


Optimization Technology, Automated Warehousing System