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Research on Key Technology of Long-span Continuous Bridge Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.019


Yang Huakui, Wen Wei

Corresponding Author

Yang Huakui


The rapid development of economy and science and technology has promoted the vigorous development of China's construction industry. At present, many cities in China have begun to build bridge projects. The scale of bridge construction is also growing, and its technology is also innovating. As one of the most important carriers in urban transportation, bridge quality is directly related to people's life safety and property safety to a certain extent. For this reason, in the construction of large-span continuous bridges, the technology is innovated and analysis is very important. The construction difficulty of bridge engineering is more complicated and more difficult than other projects in the construction process. How to apply the technology in the construction of long-span continuous bridges to improve the quality of bridge engineering is very important.


Long-Span Continuous Bridge Construction, Key Technology, Technical Difficulties