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Research on Control of Spraying Robot based on Machine Vision

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.015


Yu Shi

Corresponding Author

Yu Shi


In order to solve the waste phenomenon of pesticide spraying in the greenhouse, reduce the problem of pesticide residues in the soil, and develop a robotic robot based on machine vision. The system identifies crops and weeds in the greenhouse via TMS320DM642, uploads the results to the ARM processor and controls the spray robot to spray. The robot can correctly identify specific crops and weeds, and spray the target varieties according to the size and distribution of crops and weeds, that is, spraying herbicides on weeds and spraying insecticides on crops. At the same time, the system also joined the Zigbee wireless communication and video transmission module, achieving unmanned and intelligent spraying.


Spraying Robot, Machine Vision, Control Method