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Analysis on the Role of Network Security Protocol Based on Ethernet in Computer Communication Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.012


Fu Yu

Corresponding Author

Fu Yu


With the development of computer and communication technology, Ethernet technology is being introduced into substation automation system. However, the CSMA/CD protocol adopted by traditional Ethernet technology is a network communication mode with uncertain delay. And it does not support priority transmission. When the network load is too large, the communication performance will be greatly reduced. To ensure a good Internet environment, it is necessary to ensure that network security protocols are not destroyed, to reduce information leakage and malicious attacks, and to improve the level of network security. Aiming at the current situation of network security, it comprehensively analyzes the causes and common solutions of network security risks, combined with the application of Ethernet-based point-to-point protocol, and found the reasons for the above two attacks in the application of the protocol. The core technology of the existing security protection communication network is in the hands of large foreign companies, and the technology is not open, for the localization of the entire high-speed magnetic levitation technology. It is necessary to conduct research on the security protection communication network. Therefore, it is of great practical value to select the security protection communication network as a research topic.


Ethernet, Network Security Protocol, Computer Communication Technology