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Optimization Simulation Analysis of Civil Aviation Meteorological Cluster Information Integrated Service System Based on Load Balancing

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.011


Xiaoling Ji, Liang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xiaoling Ji


With the continuous expansion of the scale of civil aviation passenger service information system and the increase of business volume, the amount of information and access carried by servers increases rapidly. How to effectively utilize server resources to handle massive access requests has become an important issue. Effective load balancing strategy is the key to allocate users' service requests to these server resources reasonably. In this paper, the data is synchronized to multiple database servers in real time. Through the load balancing device, multiple database servers are grouped into database clusters to realize load balanced access of the user to the database cluster. Thereby, the access to the user is diverted to the node server of the database cluster, the access pressure to the single database server is slowed down, and the effectiveness and stability of the real-time meteorological data in the flood season are guaranteed. Therefore, the user is more intuitive, so this system has been approved and used by some civil aviation meteorological centers in China.


Load Balancing, Meteorological Cluster, Integrated Service System