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Research on OLES Algorithms Based on Energy Consumption in Cloud Computing

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.007


Guanghui Wei

Corresponding Author

Guanghui Wei


The energy consumption of cloud computing is studied. Because cloud computing system needs to consume a lot of energy in the process of running, and the more energy consumption, the more serious the environmental pollution. For most of cloud computing energy-saving algorithms are NP-Hard problems, but most of the previous studies did not take into account the life cycle of virtual machines, and the relationship between the number of virtual machines and the number of physical machines on energy consumption. In this paper, OLES algorithm is proposed to reduce cloud computing energy consumption. Energy consumption, operation cost reduction and environmental pollution reduction are of great significance to cloud computing operators, the whole country and even the whole human race.


OLES Algorithms, Energy Consumption, Cloud Computing