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Research on Computer Information Processing Technology in the Era of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.005


Kong Lu

Corresponding Author

Kong Lu


The extensive popularization of Internet and computer technology prompts obvious changes in people’s daily life, work and study. The data volume in various industries increases, and people begin enter the era of big data. In the era of big data, it is more convenient to acquire and transfer information, breaking the limits of time and space and realizing the joint construction and sharing. In addition, the complexity of information resources affects the information processing value to different extents, which requires computer information processing technology to be constantly innovated and improved, so as to enhance the information processing efficiency, explore the information potential value and contribute more to social progress and development. This paper analyzes the computer processing technology in the era of big data, grasp technological points and adapt to the new trend to promote technological innovation and development.


Computer, Information Processing Technology, Big Data, Cloud Storage