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Analysis and Research of Microgrid System composition

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.003


Caixia Yang, Yi Su, Ranran Zhao, Han Chen

Corresponding Author

Caixia Yang


Microgrid has complicated structure, and needs lots of the functional units for dispatching power flexibly, but due to the microgrid is no detailed national standards and construction conditions, each microgrid project was different at type, structure, function and so on, which was difficult to reflect the completeness of microgrid. The paper relayed on China's first government led large-scale new energy application and smart microgrid demonstration project, discussed function subsystem in a complete microgrid from power generation and storage, distribution, electricity four links. At last, it analyzed a microgrid engineering case, provided technical support for microgrid construction.


Microgrid, Microgrid Structure, Function Subsystem, Control System, Distribution System, Fast Communication