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Research on the Modes of Rural Information Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.110


Xing Huang, Xiaofeng Li

Corresponding Author

Xing Huang


Ministry of Agriculture put forward Agricultural Rural Development Planning of 13th Five-year , by which we would achieve great progress in the next five years on the rural informatization constructions, those works' base and main supports were the realization of taking information into villages as well as doors, that was to set up the village service stations. While there was currently Government Leading Mode in practice, this mode cost largely with low energy and unobvious motivation effects. Thus the author proposed another mode for informatization by marketization, to draw into the companies with powers and driving forces, Public-Private-Partnership Mode with government, to realize each objectives on economics and societies, then to gain the benefits and welfare maximization at last.


Informatization, Marketization, Village Service Station.