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The Teaching System Research Of Digital Media Courses InThe Design Of Visual Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.107


Xue Bai, Jiabei Liu, Xiaozhang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xue Bai


With the development of information technology, people familiar with and master the information of digital transmission. Digital media technology professional is numerous colleges and universities students. In the digital media technology professional, visual communication design education reform not only should have new knowledge content, but also has a new form of knowledge; visual communication design has become a more elements, the design of the multi-disciplinary cross discipline direction. Actively adapt to the development of the digital age, information transmission, grasp the visual communication as the main form of digital media era of information dissemination characteristics, from digital media environment of the change of the mode of people receiving information, this paper explore the visual communication design innovation and practice in curriculum system.


Visual, Communication design, Digital media, Teaching system.