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A Novel Non-Metallic Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Launch System and Its Parameter Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/icscbd.2018.032


Chao Peng, Yue Song, Guangmin Zhang, Minqian Huang, Sha Zou

Corresponding Author

Chao Peng


In this paper, a multi-channel driving system of non-metallic ultrasonic transducer is designed.Based on the analysis of the resistance and capacitance parameters of the traditional ultrasonic transmitting circuit, this paper uses the principle that the voltage at both ends of the capacitor can not change abruptly to generate high power pulse excitation probe emission.In this paper, the field effect transistor (FET) is used as the switching control element. Compared with the traditional capacitive ultrasonic transmitting system, the whole circuit design has the advantages of multi-channel, precise and adjustable transmitting parameters, as well as other advantages such as smaller volume and larger transmitting power.he system uses STM32F1 as the main control system to output a trigger pulse signal to control the working state of the whole circuit. By establishing the circuit model of the ultrasonic transmitting circuit and making the actual circuit, it is proved that the design can generate the ultrasonic pulse excitation signal with precise adjustable frequency and amplitude.Finally, the experimental verification is carried out to prove that the ultrasonic excitation signal generated by the transmitting system has small noise and steep waveform, which fully meets the engineering needs and has high accuracy and stability.


Ultrasonic Emission System Parameter Analysis, Capacitive Ultrasonic Emission, STM32F1, Non-Metallic Ultrasonic Flaw Detection