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The influence of asymmetrical cantilever construction on low pylon cable-stayed bridge of the long span railway

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DOI: 10.25236/icscbd.2018.029


Guo Weiqiang, Chen Quan

Corresponding Author

Guo Weiqiang


At present, most research on the construction of various bridge structure systems in China is still mostly in the construction phase of symmetrical cantilever construction, and the number of literature on the construction of asymmetrical cantilever construction is very limited. Taking a cable-stayed bridge of a long span railway in China as an example, this bridge was simulated and analyzed under the condition of asymmetric cantilever construction with the method of formal simulation and the software of finite element analysis. The measured cable force is collected and compared with the theoretical cable force. The measured cable force is brought into the finite element model of the whole bridge. The analysis shows that the variation of internal force, stress and elevation of the whole bridge under the action of measured cable force meets the requirements.


Railway Pylon Cable-Stayed Bridge, Positive Simulation Analysis, Finite Element Method