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Research and Application of Chaotic Encryption Technology in Wireless Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/icscbd.2018.027


Liang Ye, Zhou Ling, Gao Nan

Corresponding Author

Liang Ye


In order to improve wireless communication confidentiality and anti-interference, an optimal wireless communication technology is proposed based on the chaotic encryption technology, wireless communication channel model is firstly constructed, communication data sampling is taken, chaotic encryption of communication signal sampling is obtained, chaotic encryption algorithm uses the Logistic mapping as the basis function, the wireless communication encoding embedded in the encryption system, the Logistic maps are piecewise linear extension to complete the communication of the sequence encoding, thereby improving the plaintext, correlation between encoding and encryption, the encryption and encoding to form a unified whole, and then with the chaotic encryption, the cumulative probability interval of plaintext cyclic shift, improved random wireless communication and secrecy of chaotic sequences. The simulation results show that the encryption process using the method of wireless communication can improve the security of communication, it can effectively improve the fidelity of communication transmission, channel equalization performance is better.


Chaotic Encryption, Wireless Communication, Logistic Mapping, Channel Equalization