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Study on Forecast of Passenger Flow Density of the Jiao-Ji Railway Passage Based on Multi-method Integration

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DOI: 10.25236/icscbd.2018.019


Jie Shen, Yuanhua Jia, Zhongsheng Zhao

Corresponding Author

Jie Shen


Passenger flow forecasting is an important part of railway project planning and design, and is the main basis of train operation plan compilation and line economic benefit calculation. This paper takes the relationship between railway passenger transport and economic and social development as the breakthrough point, adopts the method of combining qualitative analysis with quantitative calculation, and applies data mining technology to analyze the evolution mechanism of passenger transport demand, the main influencing factors and the future development trend of passenger transport demand in the Jiao-Ji railway passage. Taking "feature analysis, mechanism research and trend judgment" as the core, a prediction model based on multi-method integration is established to predict passenger density of the Jiao-Ji railway passage. Finally, some suggestions are put forward for the train operation plan, so as to optimize the transportation capacity of the Jiao-Ji railway passage.


Passenger Flow Density, Traffic Volume Forecast, Multiple Linear Regression.