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Grade Evaluation Model Based on Fuzzy Decision Tree

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DOI: 10.25236/icscbd.2018.016


Xinyue Zhang, Tinghuan Wang

Corresponding Author

Xinyue Zhang


Aiming at the problem that the general decision tree classification method can't deal with the data ambiguity and uncertainty well, this paper proposes a performance evaluation model based on fuzzy decision tree to realize the student's academic level prediction based on daily behavior. In this paper, the mathematical attribute and expert suggestion method are used to determine the model attribute index, the fuzzy membership function of the design is used to fuzzy the data, the fuzzy matrix is established, and the decision tree ID3 algorithm is used to make decision analysis on the achievement information related to the campus behavior of college students. The fuzzy decision tree of this model can correctly and efficiently and comprehensively analyze and predict student achievement, and provide an important basis for the information construction and teaching management decision-making work of colleges and universities.


Data Mining,Fuzzy Decision Tree, ID3 Algorithm, Performance Evaluation