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The conception of the algorithm model of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) prescription based on deep learning

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DOI: 10.25236/icscbd.2018.015


Yuan Zhou, Yaofeng Miao

Corresponding Author

Yuan Zhou


This project takes the neural network as the basic architecture of the improved algorithm, and uses a deep nonlinear network structure to learn the deep learning technology of complex function approximation and integrates the "cause, location, nature and trend of disease" of traditional Chinese medicine. Also, this algorithm model explores the thinking mode of selecting legal parties for famous experts of traditional Chinese medicine, and checks whether the treatment process of doctors is standard and reasonable, also finds out cases of wrong treatments, so as to improve clinical efficacy and standardize the treatment process of traditional Chinese medicine.


Cause, Location, Nature and Trend of Disease”, Deep Learning, Algorithm Model, Choose the Therapy and Determine the Prescription