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Computer Room Dynamic Monitoring system for Large-scale Cloud Servers

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DOI: 10.25236/icscbd.2018.013


Wei Yan

Corresponding Author

Wei Yan


With the rapid development of China's telecom industry and the continuous expansion of the scale of communication networks, the energy consumption of data centers accounts for a greater proportion of the cost of electricity used by telecommunications companies. Therefore, the energy-saving work of the data center computer room of the communication enterprise operator is the focus of its energy conservation. In the case where the communication room environment and the load of the communication equipment are determined, how to make the engine room ventilation and air-conditioning equipment perform high efficiency becomes the key to energy saving. Computer systems have become an important part of everyday business. The communication computer room runs in the core position of information management, exchange, and transmission. All equipment in the equipment room must be in normal operation at all times. Once a failure occurs, system operation, data transmission and storage will pose serious security threats.


Large-Scale Cloud Server, Computer Room, Dynamic Monitoring System, Data Collection