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Modularization Construction and Practical Research on Curriculum System of Product Design in Colleges under the Background of "Internet + Education"

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.103


Dan Chang

Corresponding Author

Dan Chang


Today's Chinese education has been fully into the Internet era, reflected in all aspects, whether it is economic, business or education are inseparable from the Internet. Internet + education, is undoubtedly the current education should be the most should solve the problem. Higher education institutions after graduation is to face the community, so the education of the comprehensive, scientific and technological, information, and social development must be consistent. This article mainly for the university product design professional curriculum system innovation, the implementation of "Internet + education" curriculum modular settings. This setting can solve student problems for different stages and different needs, and can learn the knowledge learned during the internship, advance into the classroom to solve. Effectively improve the students professional practice ability for future employment to provide a higher protection.


Internet + Education, Curriculum System, Modular, Product Design Professional.