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New water-saving tap and its control method

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DOI: 10.25236/icscbd.2018.010


Hongrun Qu, Bo Tang, Xudong Cao, Yuting Li, Fangzhu Wu, Senyan Li, Chengquan Sun, Yushu Wang, Jiakang Hu, Tong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hongrun Qu


With the development of economy and the increase of population, human demand for water continues to increase, coupled with the existence of unreasonable exploitation and utilization of water resources, many countries and regions in different degree of water shortage. The most promising solution to the water shortage now appears to be the exploitation and utilization of certain non-water resources, such as desalination of sea water, exploitation and collection of groundwater, and the use of polar glaciers. But for the general public, saving water is the most practical and effective method in daily life. Through the mechanical structure and to stop water supply, the pressure variation in pipes, controlling switch at the bottom of the piston, again will pipe plug, and through a certain structure, even if the water drainage system, again also cannot open the piston, can realize the function of our group thought so.


Control Method, New Water-Saving Tap