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A study on energy-efficient building scheme selection by heterogeneous VIKOR

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DOI: 10.25236/icscbd.2018.002


Fan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Fan Zhang


Energy efficiency is emphasized as a main indicator for construction techniques for different types of buildings. This paper carries out an energy-efficient study on energy-efficient scheme selection by utilization of VIKOR (Vlsekriterijumska optimizacija i KOmpromisno resenje). Firstly, the member of construction shall be designed to present various schemes as alternatives. Secondly, experts are invited to give evaluation on attributes of alternatives. Besides, relevant indicators can be derived from on-site experiment or simulation. Thirdly, energy-saving schemes are ranked by the heterogeneous multi-attribute decision technology of VIKOR. The application would provide practical guidance optimal selection for construction techniques of certain energy-efficient members.


Energy-Efficient Building, Construction Techniques, VIKOR