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Marketing Strategies for Airlines Based on Younger Rejuvenation

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DOI: 10.25236/msied.2018.031


Feilong Chen

Corresponding Author

Feilong Chen


With the rapid development of national economy and science and technology, China's aviation industry has also been greatly developed. But the competition between the transport industry is increasingly fierce. High-speed rail, which is convenient, fast, affordable, has been favored by more and more young people, which poses a certain degree of threat to Airlines. Young generation is the main force of consumption in the new economic era, and Airlines should pay more attention to how to win the trust and favor of the younger. Under the condition of passenger rejuvenation, this paper will give some innovative marketing strategies for Airlines to attract more young passengers and to promote the stable and sustainable development of younger Airlines.


Passenger Rejuvenation, Airline, Marketing Strategy