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A Study on the Impact of the Humanistic Factors on EU’s Internal Trade

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DOI: 10.25236/msied.2018.028


Yusheng Jiao, Junjunyi Tian

Corresponding Author

Yusheng Jiao


Since its establishment, the EU has been the leading region in world economic development, and the number of member countries has been increasing.Most of the new EU member countries have improved their economic capacity after joining the EU. Although the EU has achieved economic integration, the humanities of different member states will certainly be different. These human factors will also have a greater impact on trade between the two countries. Under the framework of social network analysis and through QAP regression analysis, this paper analyses the influence of "official language" and "religion" of EU member states on the trade volume between the two countries. We find that "official language" and "religion" have a great correlation with EU's internal trade, and that "official language" has a greater impact on EU's internal trade pattern than "religion".


EU, Humanistic Factors, QAP Analysis