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Huawei's Investment In the United States

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DOI: 10.25236/msied.2018.026


Lu Hua

Corresponding Author

Lu Hua


With the continuous growth of local Chinese companies, the domestic market has been unable to meet the company's development needs. At the same time, the trend of internationalization has forced companies to go abroad and invest overseas. In overseas markets, due to its huge market size, advanced technology and good brand effect, the United States has become the main target and strategic market for Chinese investors. However, in recent years, Chinese companies have invested in the United States, especially in the "sensitive industries" such as the US telecommunications industry and the energy industry. Cases of failure due to the influence of the US government and other stakeholders have gradually increased. As a typical case, Huawei’s investment in the United States has experienced several failures. This article is a comprehensive review and analysis of Huawei's history of investment in the United States, we will analyze in detail the stakeholders involved in the US investment process and their status, interests and impact. We look forward to discussing the reasons for Huawei's failure to invest in the US and future Chinese companies. The impact on US investment.


Huawei, Investment, Enlightenment