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Analysis of the Import Trade of Polysilicon in China

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DOI: 10.25236/msied.2018.021


Fan Yakun, Huang Xin, Xie Keqiang, Wan Xiaohan, Wei Kuixian

Corresponding Author

Huang Xin


Based on the national supporting of the new clean energy industry, it is developed rapidly in Chinese polycrystalline silicon industry. But in recent years, the development of Chinese polycrystalline silicon industry chain downstream depends on imports from abroad heavily. And the number of polysilicon importing accounted for more than 30% of domestic demand ever year, the environment of domestic polysilicon enterprises is not optimistic. Besides, frequent imports trade frictions affect the sustainable development of the polycrystalline silicon industry seriously. Therefore, it is practically significant to analyze the current situation of China's polycrystalline silicon imports. The paper introduces the present status of polysilicon imports in China, expounds the influential factors and analyzes the existing problems. Finally, some reasonable suggestions are thrown out for typical problems


Photovoltaic, Polysilicon, Import Trade