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The Research on the Construction of Psychological Contracts for New Graduates’ Review

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DOI: 10.25236/msied.2018.019


Tingting Wang, Min Qian

Corresponding Author

Tingting Wang


With the rapid economic growth in China and the profound influence of Western culture on China, the pursuit of quality of life, lack of survival pressure, and concern with the realization of self-interest have become the distinctive features of today's new labor groups. What follows is the legal contract to newly recruited The restraint effect of employees gradually weakened, and the maintenance of the relationship between employees and organizations gradually relied on the psychological contract by relying on legal contracts (labor contracts) in the past. How to retain good employees has become one of the most talked about topics in today's business. As college graduates are the main force in the newly recruited working population, their employment quantity and quality are directly related to the future development of the country and social stability. Therefore, this study analyzes the psychological contract of newly recruited university graduates from the beginning of recruitment to five years of work Through the definition of the psychological contract, the related theory, the content and the dimension, the characteristic, the related research model, the psychological contract rupture and the violation as well as the psychological contract of the newly recruited staff to sort out the research status quo, Understand the current research status quo and existing problems of psychological contract, and provide theoretical reference and inspiration for the future research on psychological contract.


New College Graduates, Psychological Contract, Psychological Contract Rupture, Psychological Contract Construction