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A Summary of Research on Employee Compensation Management in Private Logistics Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/msied.2018.018


Tingting Wang, Min Qian

Corresponding Author

Tingting Wang


The rapid development of the private logistics industry has brought about a dramatic increase in the number of logistics employees, thus exposing the problems in its human resources management. With the post-90s new generation of employees gradually becoming the main force of the logistics industry, and unlike the previous labor force for survival, its special and diverse salary requirements require logistics companies to formulate a set of standardized, comprehensive and complete compensation plans to increase employees. Salary satisfaction. On this basis, this study has conducted an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the current status of the research on the salary management of employees in private logistics enterprises, and has summarized and analyzed the findings and found that the existing research results and existing deficiencies for the follow-up logistics staff compensation The study provides a theoretical basis.


Private Logistics Companies, New Generation Employees, Salary Management.