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The Analysis and Definition of Sports Istitution from the Perspective of Sociology

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DOI: 10.25236/msied.2018.015


Peng Xiao, Chong Mu

Corresponding Author

Peng Xiao


By following the logic thinking from generality to individual, using the methods of deductive logic, literature research, interviewmethod,and starting with a sociological definition regarding institution,using for reference on rational core of related discussion of the essence of institution in sociology,the connotation of sports institution are analyzed,and thus provides the analysis and definition of sports istitution.The study considers that the sports system refers to a series of intrinsically linked norms that regulate the relationship between sports and social activities in a given geographical area and under certain historical conditions. It includes formal sports systems (such as sports laws). Institutions, sports regulations, sports rules, etc.) and informal sports systems (such as sports practices, sports practices, etc.).


Sports Institution, Concept, The Perspective of Sociology