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Counterfactual Analysis of the Spontaneous Generation and Evolution of Innovative City Based on Multi-agent Simulation

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DOI: 10.25236/msied.2018.010


Yusheng Jiao

Corresponding Author

Yusheng Jiao


Good government regulation and system design are necessary for the generation and evolution of innovative cities. From the perspective of evolutionary rationality, can innovative cities spontaneously emerge and evolve without considering government regulation and institutional design? Based on the hypothesis of counter-facts, this paper uses Netlogo 5.0 as the analysis tool, adopts the method of multi-agent simulation, and simulates the generation and evolution of innovative cities at the macro level by analyzing the multi-agent simulation interaction at the micro level. Based on the analysis of the simulation results, we can find that: firstly, without considering the government regulation and system design, innovative cities can spontaneously generate and evolve. Secondly, the rapid rise of factor costs will restrict the development of innovative cities. Finally, in the spontaneous formation and evolution of innovative cities, the income gap will continue to expand, and there is no convergence trend.


Multi-agent Simulation, Innovative City, Counterfactual Analysis