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Research on Toponym Culture Excavating and Spatial Distribution Visualizing of Chinese Poetry—Take’Frontier-Jiangnan’Poetry as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/msied.2018.004


Zhou Yiyang, Kong Jiaying , Ye Zhaoyang , Li Tiancong, Jiang Ying

Corresponding Author

Zhou Yiyang


Based on the classification of thematic poems and taken space information as the research angle, this paper analyses the toponyms contained in the poetry data and carries on the excavation of culture connotation. The spatial distribution of toponyms is analyzed by the research method of designing the database of thematic poems and establishing the visualization platform, this paper analyses the cultural connotation of the toponyms in the poetry of ‘Frontier’ and ‘Jiangnan’, which are important representatives of ancient Chinese poetry, and show the spatial distribution of toponyms in the poetry of Frontier-Jiangnan, at the same time, the influence factors of the spatial patterns of the two kinds of poems are analyzed.


Frontier-Jiangnan Poems, Toponym Culture, Toponym Database of Thematic Poetry, Visualization of Place Names Distribution, Poetry Data Analysis