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Research on the strategy and development mode of urban construction under the goal of park city construction

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DOI: 10.25236/msied.2018.002


Xu Mingming

Corresponding Author

Xu Mingming


As the new goal and orientation of 21st century landscape gardens, park city has fully demonstrated the new concept of green development of habitat environment, which is the harmonious symbiosis between man and nature. It also fully embodies the essence of the ecological civilization and people-oriented concept in the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era. Based on the theory, this paper fully expounds the new concept of park urban human settlement construction, and takes urban horticulture, public garden, and urban and rural integration as the new directions of urban development in the future. Based on the analysis of the strategic significance and value of park city construction to ecological and urbanization problems, this paper makes a research on park city development practice strategy. In the development of urban and rural systems, the reconstruction of functional space, the construction of ecological green space network and the construction of urban culture, the content and path of park city construction are put forward. According to the configuration factors of park city, this paper makes a study of park urban development model, and realizes the transformation of urban ecological greening system design. A new concept of global urban park system is also put forward for the coordinated development of the "multi-level configuration" park system and the "green network garden" green ecological structure. As a new direction of urban green development, city park construction in China will usher in a new opportunity to open a new chapter of ecological civilization construction.


Park city, Strategic studies, Development model, Ecological system