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Brand Construction of Small-scale Hydromechanical Companies

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DOI: 10.25236/msied.2018.001


Shujing Gao

Corresponding Author

Shujing Gao


Most of the small-scale hydromechanical companies are at a disadvantage in the market competition. Because consumers are faced with too many advertising products to choose from every day, they have not enough energy to remember too many similar products. They only recognize brands. Small hydraulic enterprise brand construction mainly influenced by the following four factors, namely: the small hydropower enterprise brand identification, small hydraulic enterprise brand planning, brand extension of small hydraulic enterprises and small hydraulic enterprise's brand assets. It can be expressed by the following formula: Bc = f (Bi, Bp, Be, Ba). As the homogenization of products becomes more and more widespread, brand building and differentiation have gradually become the core of small-scale hydraulic companies that have won the competitive position in the market.


Hydromechanical Company, Small-scale Company, Brand Building