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Research on the Occupational Ability Infiltration for College Basketball Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.097


Cheng Bin

Corresponding Author

Cheng Bin


At present, college basketball has become an important part of campus sports culture construction. The training goal of colleges and universities in our country is the skilled and practical talents needed by society. The main purpose of college basketball course is to base on the completion of basketball and teaching objectives of physical education and health courses, and to enable students to master the basic skills of basketball and improve the skills and tactics, which is laying the foundation for vocational ability. This paper investigates the current situation of basketball option teaching in colleges and universities by using the methods of questionnaire, mathematical statistics and logical analysis, and analyzes the important influence of basketball teaching is on the penetration of vocational ability of college students.


College, Basketball Teaching, Professional Ability, Infiltration