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The Application of Teachers’ Talk in College English Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.093


Xinxin Chen

Corresponding Author

Xinxin Chen


Discourse analysis is a linguistic analysis of a language segment that is longer than a sentence to find a series of discourses with similar contexts and to determine the distribution. Teachers’ talk is an important communication medium for college English classes. The success of teachers’ talk is directly related to the effectiveness of English teaching. The application of teachers’ discourse analysis to college English teaching not only simplifies grammatical structure analysis, but also enhances learners' communication skills and greatly improves students’ learning efficiency. Based on Discourse Analysis Theory and Comprehensible Input Hypothesis of Krashen, this paper analyzes the current situation of teachers’ talk in college English classroom and probes the factors that influence teachers’ talk, and provides some teaching implications to better instruct the latter English teaching.


Discourse Analysis, Comprehensive Input, Teachers’ Talk, Second Language Acquisition