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Study on the Construction of Local College Textbooks under the Mode of “Internet +”

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.092


Liu Ranqi

Corresponding Author

Liu Ranqi


Playing a role of knowledge carrier in the teaching work, the textbook, an indispensable part of cultivating talents, is the basis for teachers to carry out teaching activities for the learning objects and an important form of teaching content. As an important prerequisite for improving the quality of talents training and college teaching, strengthening the quality construction and management level of local college textbooks plays a key role in improving the overall education level of colleges. With the continuous deepening and reform of China’s higher education, the traditional college textbook construction and management model can no longer meet the needs of the new era. Under the “Internet +” model of the new era, the way of promoting the construction of local college textbooks to improve local colleges to train high-quality, innovative, composite and applied talents is a question for colleges to explore and think about.


Textbooks, Internet, Colleges