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Research on Educational Strategies and Mistranslation for Optimizing English Translation Using Negative Transfer of Mother Tongue

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.089


Xiang Duoli

Corresponding Author

Xiang Duoli


With the continuous deepening of the reform of English teaching in colleges and universities, the professionalism and scientificity of English translation education have also been valued. As an important part of English teaching, translation ability is one of the necessary skills of English learners, and it is also an important test criterion for English comprehensive application ability. L1 Transfer is a common phenomenon in English translation teaching. Due to the great differences between English and Chinese in sentence structure, grammar and sentence meaning, way of thinking and lexical structure, negative transfer of mother tongue is unavoidable in English translation teaching. It is not uncommon to copy mechanically and misinterpret the meaning of sentences. Based on the characteristics of English translation teaching, this paper analyzes the negative transfer of mother tongue in English translation, and proposes targeted solutions to the mistranslation problems caused by negative transfer.


Negative Transfer of Mother Tongue, English Translation, Teaching, Mistranslation, Research