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The Construction of "One Belt One Road" Cognitive Context Based on Corpus

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.084


Wang Yadong

Corresponding Author

Wang Yadong


The context of "One Belt One Road" is very rich, including economic and trade cooperation, infrastructure construction, financial investment, cultural exchanges and so on. Based on the News on Web Corpus and employing the theory of modern cognitive science, cognitive linguistics, cognitive pragmatics and cognitive psychology, the essay constructs the cognitive context of the corpus in various forms: the horizontal context (fragmentary sentences context), vertical context (collection context), extended context (paragraph context) and discourse context (text context),thus, reveals the basic characteristics and general rules of the cognitive context based on the corpus. The emphasis is laid to construct the various cognitive discourse contexts in the form of a macrostructure that exists in the discourse.


Corpus, One Belt One Road, Cognitive Context, Construction