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Research on the University Engineering Mentoring Team Cultivation of Knowledge Innovation

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.076


Jin Ziqi, Wang Xiaohong, Liu Qili

Corresponding Author

Jin Ziqi


Tutorial system team of Emerging Engineering Education is science and technology innovation team of college engineering discipline mentor and the graduate. In order to solve complex problems as the goal, through effective knowledge absorption, correlation and integration, the team is knowledge innovation research organization. Through the analysis of mentoring new engineering team knowledge integrated model, this paper put forward knowledge innovation depend on the three phase of knowledge absorptive capacity. Using system dynamics method and the ternary determinism, a differential dynamic model of integrating knowledge connection between teachers and students is establishment. Analysis of the main parameters of knowledge absorptive capacity affecting the team members, the paper put forward to promote knowledge efficient sharing management advice inside the team from the perspective of strengthening the team process management.


Cultivation of Knowledge Innovation, Emerging Engineering Education, Tutorial System Team