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Manufacturing Process and Strength Analysis of No-spark and Anti-wear Strengthen Cutting Pick

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DOI: 10.25236/epcimms.2019.25


Wang Hongjun, Shao Ruiying ,Songjuan

Corresponding Author

Wang Hongjun


In this paper, the cutting pick of mining machinery is studied. In view of the disadvantages of the existing picks such as easy wear and poor safety, a method of non-sparking and anti-abrasion strengthening picks is proposed. The plasma pick- Surface made of composite coating, can effectively improve the wear resistance without sparking. Based on this, the strength of picks was analyzed by finite element method, and the stress and strain state of picks during cutting was obtained. The results show that the non-sparking anti-wear enhanced pick wear resistance, long service life, while contributing to the safe mining of coal mines.


Non-sparking, anti-wear, picks, strength