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A method of shaft inlet air heating through methane regenerative thermal oxidation

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DOI: 10.25236/epcimms.2019.23


Gao Pengfei

Corresponding Author

Gao Pengfei


Coal fired boiler or coal-fired hot blast stove is used in the heating system of coal mine for shaft inlet air heating (SIAH). The smoke and dust emission pollution is serious and the energy consumption is high. With the intensification of haze and the implementation of energy-saving and environmental protection policy, this heating mode of SIAH will be gradually banned. In view of this situation, a process method of flue gas heating for SIAH after coal mine methane (CMM) regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) device is designed to replace coal-fired boiler or coal-fired hot blast furnace. The working principle and main composition of the system are introduced. The special design is carried out around the safety of the system. The distribution of flue gas heat after oxidation and the adjustment process with the change of load are analyzed, and the effect of application is evaluated. The research shows that the CMM RTO for SIAH method can effectively solve the need of coal mine heating, promote the safe production of coal mine by destroying and treating the low concentration methane which is difficult to use, achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction, and provide a new model for the transformation and upgrading of coal enterprises.


Regenerative thermal oxidation, methane utilization, heating technology, coal mine methane