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Study on CO2 crack anti-reflection technology and extraction radius of investigation combined with the application

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DOI: 10.25236/epcimms.2019.20


Ma Shuyin, Jiang Wangang

Corresponding Author

Ma Shuyin


In order to improve the gas extraction efficiency and the wear layer drilling gas extraction to amount to mark time, 15th coal seam in a mine using CO2 crack anti-reflection technology combined with the plum blossom cloth pore radius of the arrangement of extraction. Field test showed that CO2 crack anti-reflection technology conditions, according to the calculated crack concluded three groups of radius of influence radius of gas extraction in the arrangement, Based on two pieces of test area crack anti-reflection technology of coal seam gas extraction effect is compared before and after, and three groups of different radius of gas extraction extraction effect analysis shows that 1.5m radius of gas extraction from standard can effectively shorten the extraction time and increase the rate of gas extraction.


CO2 crack anti-reflection technology, Crack drilling, Extraction of radius