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Research and Application of Segmental Hydraulic Fracturing Technology for Long Drill Hole of Roof Strike

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DOI: 10.25236/epcimms.2019.18


Wang Kai, Dai Linchao

Corresponding Author

Wang Kai


Combined with the advantages of long top drilling technology of directional drilling machine construction and hydraulic fracturing technology, the anti-reflection technology of segmental fracturing of branch holes in the roof of directional drilling machine was studied. From two aspects of technical transformation and equipment optimization, a set of segmental hydraulic fracturing technology system of roof strike long borehole suitable for soft and low permeability coal seam was formed, and it was applied in Wuyang coal mine. The application results show that the technical system operates stably and reliably, greatly improves the gas extraction effect of coal seam, increases the average single-hole gas extraction flow by more than 2 times, increases the extraction concentration by more than 30%, and significantly improves the extraction effect, which verifies the superiority of segmenting hydraulic fracturing in the direction of roof drilling.


Coal mine, segmental hydraulic fracturing, directional drilling, gas drainage