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Study on the law of mine pressure behavior in large dip angle fully mechanized mining face

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DOI: 10.25236/epcimms.2019.16


Wang Bo

Corresponding Author

Wang Bo


The mining pressure of the working face of the fully inclined coal seam is large, but the research is rare and lacks theoretical guidance. In this paper, the theoretical analysis of overlying strata structure and motion law, working surface appearance law and supporting pressure distribution law in large dip angle coal seam is carried out, and the characteristics of roof movement in longwall fully mechanized mining face with large dip angle coal seam are obtained. The time series characteristics of roof collapse and mine pressure appearing in the coal seam face and the motion characteristics of the direct roof in the inclined direction of the working face provide a theoretical basis for the future large-angle fully mechanized mining.


Large dip, Comprehensive mining, Mine pressure, Working face