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Study on Reasonable Size of Coal Pillars in Large Dip Angle Coal Seam

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DOI: 10.25236/epcimms.2019.15


Cao Jie

Corresponding Author

Cao Jie


In order to analyze the reasonable size of coal pillars in the large dip angle coal seam section, the fully mechanized mining face of B8 coal seam in Nanshan coal mine was taken as the basic prototype. And the influence of different inclination angle and coal pillar width on stress distribution of working face was conducted by FLAC numerical simulation software. It concludes that as the inclination angle increases, the point of concentrated stress shifts to the upper part of roof and the inner part of the working face. The larger the inclination angle, the smaller the influence range of the vertical stress. According to the simulation results, it is reasonable to leave a coal pillar with a width of 15 m to 20 m for the coal pillar section of the working face of Nanshan Coal Mine.


Large dip angle, section coal pillar, pillar width, numerical simulation