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Design and Study on 100 thousand m3/h Ventilation Air Methane Collecting System

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DOI: 10.25236/epcimms.2019.13


Xu Huijuan

Corresponding Author

Xu Huijuan


In view of the large amount of gas emissions from coal mines, causing environmental pollution and waste of resources, the research on ventilation air methane(VAM) collection technology has been carried out. This paper developed a new type of coal mine VAM collection device, completed the construction of industrial test system, and conducted on-site industrial tests. The system can meet the requirements of the collection quality of the wind, reduce the impact on the main fan of the mine ventilation, and at the same time be more cost-effective. In the test, the device reached a design air volume of 100,000 Nm3 / h and the operation is safe and reliable, and the switching is smooth.


Ventilation air methane, Translational collection device, Industrial application, Environmental protection utilization