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Study on Enhanced Drainage Technology of High Pressure Jet Caving in a Soft and Low Permeability Coal Seam

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DOI: 10.25236/epcimms.2019.12


Jiang Wangang, Yu Baozhong

Corresponding Author

Yu Baozhong


In order to promote the pre-drainage of the gas-permeable coal seam and eliminate the coal and gas outburst danger of the coal seam, high-pressure jet caving and hydraulic flushing measures are adopted. Firstly, the coal seam permeability evolution model of high-pressure jet punching and hydraulic flushing process is constructed and solved. The evolution of coal permeability after punching and the law of gas migration in coal; the industrial test of high-pressure jet punching technology shows that: high-pressure jet punching and hole-forming combined with gas drainage measures can save the amount of drilling and strengthen drainage effect of the gas, compared with the direct pre-drainage of coal seam gas. And it is more effective to eliminate the outburst danger during the excavation process, and improve the tunneling speed of the roadway and ensure the safe production of mines.


High pressure jet, Hydraulic flushing, Coal seam permeability, Numerical simulation, Enhanced drainage