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Numerical Simulation Analysis of Gas Movement Law and Concentration Distribution in Goaf

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DOI: 10.25236/epcimms.2019.10


Cao Jie

Corresponding Author

Cao Jie


The gas emission in the goaf is the main reason for the gas overrun in the underground working face of coal mining. In order to accurately grasp the law of gas flow in goaf, the effect of emission intensity on gas flow in goaf under the U-type return air condition is simulated and analyzed. The research results show that in the U-type return air condition, in the goaf where the main gas emission source is attenuation emission source, the gas concentration will increase first and then decrease with time. And a "fan" reduction zone of gas concentration is gradually formed extending from the intake airway side into the deep of the goaf area.


Coal mine, Goaf, Gas movement, Numerical simulation