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Dust concentration detection technology of electrostatic induction method

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DOI: 10.25236/epcimms.2019.08


Chen Jiange

Corresponding Author

Chen Jiange


In order to solve the shortcomings of the current optical dust concentration sensor commonly used in coal mines, which is easy to block and easily polluted, this paper presented an electrostatic induction method for dust concentration detection technology, according to the electrostatic characteristics of coal mine dust. Firstly, the basic principle of electrostatic induction method was introduced in detail, and then the circuit for signal acquisition and amplification of electrostatic induction signal was designed. Based on the experimental platform built, the signal intensity of electrostatic induction at different concentrations was analyzed, and the mathematical relationship between electrostatic induction signal intensity and dust concentration was obtained. Finally, the electrostatic induction dust concentration sensor was designed. The detection accuracy was verified in the laboratory, and the detection error was less than 10%. It is proved by the underground coal mine experiment that the dust concentration sensor of electrostatic induction has good practicability.


Electrostatic induction method,Dust concentration, High precision, maintenance free