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Gas Prevention and Control of Protective Seam Working Face in Close Outburst Coal Seam Group

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DOI: 10.25236/epcimms.2019.06


Chen Yong, Xiong Wei

Corresponding Author

Chen Yong


Pressure relief gas of protected layer poured into the protective layer seriously restricts the safety recovery of protective layer. Gas prevention and control of protective seam working face in close outburst coal seam group explored by studying the stress and displacement characteristics of close outburst coal seam group after mining combined with the law of gas overflow under the influence of coal seam group mining. The results show that stress of coal and rock strata in the protected area presented U shape changes and the displacement of protected layer presented arched shape changes so that the pressure relief effect is obvious. Gas extraction of protective layer under the influence of upper protective layer can reach to 0.81-2.03m3/min with an average of 1.47m3/min so that realized the safe opening of working face of protective layer.


Close outburst coal seam group, protective layer, mining effective, gas prevention and control, stress, displacement